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Michael McKay, MD -  - Aesthetics

Trillium Medical Aesthetics & Gynecology

Michael McKay, MD

Aesthetics & Board Certified Obstetrics & Gynecology located in Gulfport, MS

Taking great care of your skin begins with the right skin care products. Michael McKay, MD, of Trillium Medical Aesthetics & Gynecology in Gulfport, Mississippi, has done extensive research into medical-grade skin care and has chosen the best products on the market to bring to the men and women in his care. Book an appointment online or by phone to learn which products and techniques can help you make the most of your complexion.

Products Q & A

Why is a skin care routine so important?

Taking care of your skin requires a bit of research and effort. Your skin is the largest organ on your body, and it serves to protect you from hazardous environmental elements.

Even though your skin is constantly going through a process of renewal, there are factors that can damage the skin on your face and body.

Ultraviolet rays are a primary cause of premature aging, not to mention skin cancer. Protecting your skin with a daily application of a high-quality sunscreen is one of the most important steps you can take to preserve your appearance and your health.

Cleansing is also important and gives you the chance to remove the impurities that build on the surface of your skin throughout the day. There are cleaners to suit all skin needs and in many different formulations.

A great moisturizer is also a basic part of every good skin care routine. There are options for day and night use, and many even offer additional benefits like brightening, oil control, and vitamins.

What are some great skin care brands?

Dr. McKay offers products from SkinMedica®and SkinCeuticals®, two of the best skin care companies in the industry.

There are numerous products to choose from, but don’t let the sheer volume of available options overwhelm you. The team can assess your skin and guide you toward the products best suited for your specific needs.

Some of the skin care products available include:

  • Retinol creams
  • Lip treatments
  • Night creams
  • Body care
  • Hyaluronic acid serums
  • Exfoliating serums and scrubs
  • Antioxidant treatments
  • Acne products
  • Masks

Learn more about these advanced skin care products during a one-on-one consultation or while you’re in the office for an aesthetic treatment.

What is PrescriptFit®?

PrescriptFit is a precisely structured medical nutrition therapy that helps men and women lose weight and improve their overall health.

Carrying excess weight places you at an elevated risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, kidney disease, sexual dysfunction, and much more. Finding a way to reach and maintain a healthy weight is critical.

PrescriptFit uses amino acid-filled supplements in conjunction with a simple yet effective meal plan. The system decreases hunger while boosting your metabolism. You’ll receive the protein, vitamins, and minerals needed to quickly achieve health improvements.

Learn more about the skin care and weight management therapies available at Trillium Medical Aesthetics & Gynecology during a personalized consultation. Online scheduling is one option, or you can always call or stop by the office to set up your visit.